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IT Maintainance Service

The basic reason for IT Maintainance program is to proactively maintain your IT system without invest money on inhouse IT expert.

Our Gold and Platinum plans contain an agreed schedule of maintenance tasks. Our engineers will help you select the appropriate tasks and their frequency.

Frequency Options
Typical Maintenance tasks
Real-time (instant) Our monitoring systems perform much of our maintenance in real-time, providing instant alerts for a range of network faults
Daily Mission-critical systems such as backups or redundant connections can be monitored every day
Weekly to Monthly The bulk of regular maintenance on a network is done somewhere between every week, and every month;
Quarterly to Annual Longer timeframes are ideal to larger maintenance tasks like disaster recovery simulations (DR simulations) or security audits.

The table below outlines some of the more popular maintenance check items from our database of over 100 tasks.
* Frequencies will change from customer to customer depending on their individual circumstances. These frequencies are indications only.

Maintenance Area Indicative Frequency* Task Description
Microsoft Servers and Services Weekly Audit server logs for any sign of problems
Weekly / Auto Manage the installation of service packs and updates
Weekly Verify server anti-virus protection software is running correctly
Realtime Check remaining disk capacity, all servers, all partitions
Monthly Optimise servers (Defrag, Cleansweep, Etc)
Monthly Server performance check: Enable and review performance logging reports
Realtime Monitor Exchange database size
Microsoft Users and Workstations Monthly / Auto Update workstations with Microsoft critical updates and patches
Weekly Verify workstation anti-virus software is running correctly
Quarterly Audit Active directory user accounts against actual User Accounts
Annual Detailed workstation audit (illegal software, Internet usage history) etc.
Backup Systems Daily Monitor tape backup logs for previous run Success/Fail
Daily Perform pre-backup inventory
Weekly Perform a Backup Spot Check to manually verify read/write.
Quarterly Check age of backup media replace media at appropriate intervals
Quarterly Reconcile backup configuration against user file storage locations.
6 Monthly Perform a simulated Disaster Recovery (DR)
Internet / WAN Connections Monthly Examine Internet usage reports (traffic statistics etc.)
Quarterly Test Internet connectivity failover
IT Security (variable) Audit firewall logs for intrusion attempts and suspicious activity
Quarterly Force rotation/expiry of passwords for all network users.
Annual Detailed Security Audit - Simulate internal / external intrusion attacks
Enterprise Software Variable Custom Application Support Terminal services and Citrix
Variable Custom Application Support VMWare, MS Virtual server, NeoWare
Variable Custom Application Support Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle DBs
Variable Custom Application Support AccPac, JD Edwards, SAP
Variable Custom Application Support Other Software
Network Management Monthly Update and maintain network documentation
Quarterly Strategic IT review